kickin' ass


i love my friends.
i love my boyfriend.
i have a headache.
my visit was amazing, i had a really good time, and i hope it happens again sometime soon.
and i need somewhere (in/close to/ around columbia) to stay in late december/early jan. somewhere, anywhere, somebody, anybody. seriously, i'm saying like, i'll pay rent or whatever else. let me know if i can stay with you or you know someone that i can stay with. either comment, or im me: ratt bones.

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i might make a new lj sometime soon as well.
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kickin' ass

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so the kids like us, guns up, know the score, 24 hours to live, whoever else show with ashley was totally awesome and it was fun as shit.
i look like i got beat the fuck up though.

right now i'm in sumter, who knew right?
haha me either.

i get to see my boyfriend for the first time in two months in a few hours.
i can't wait, it's going to rule.
and we need it, cause lately it seems like all we fucking do is argue and it sucks.
i suck. why! whyyyy!

ashley's kittie is sleeping in my lap. i love this little thing.
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kickin' ass

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what in the hell?
so i just got back from the doctors.
i already knew something was wrong with my throat so i had to get that checked out and it turns out i have to get an ultrasound on it, which i'm not too thrilled about.
and i had to give blood, two huge ass viles of it.
no one told me that so i acted a fool and then took all the ladies stickers.

and right now i'm importing ashleys whole cd book onto my itunes. woop!

edit; haaaaaaaaaahahhahahhahahhaahahahahhahhaha my ASS is sunburnt.
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so for some reason ashley and i are still up dispite the fact that we have to be up early.
we're watching the fresh prince, so i looked at her and i was like 'sing to me, right now' (talking about the theme song) and she totally did it. i totally didn't expect her to actually do it.
she rules.

and i'm going to see klu tuesday. yeaaah mother fucker.

ps; happy birthday matt moyer; i love your sweet ass.
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tripp called me tonight.
we went to the store to get his mom cigarettes and dodged cops while listening to patti smith the whole way.
we talked for a good couple hours.
then he got high.
and we talked a little more.
i miss him. and i think it's funny when he says 'thank you'.

i went to a girls house today and her dog was gargantuan. it scared me because standing on its hind legs, it was literally as tall as me..
and i'm 5'9".

i watched garden state again either last night or this morning, and something about it made me miss taylor mills a whole lot.
i'm going to lay down, i feel really dizzy.
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